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Your Hosts - Mark & Lynn Gordon

My name is Mark Gordon and the Lord called me through my testimony of coming to know him as my personal savior, to reach people through a family campground. Although it has been a bumpy road, I stayed obedient to what the Lord was speaking to my heart to do.


As I put the vision of a campground on paper and in thought, the Lord blessed me in many ways. Stepping out by faith with nothing but a vision is a very difficult thing to do, but knowing his power through saving me, I knew nothing was too difficult for the Lord. In trusting the Lord every step of the way, I knew there would be a More To Life Campground somewhere. Although not knowing where he was leading me. 


Then in April of 2004, after months of meeting and praying about the plans for More To Life Campground, the Lord put an already established Christian Campground in our grasp. He has answered our prayers and supplied the perfect place for our mission. Although buying the property meant selling everything I had, I was willing to do it. I know the More To Life Campground, will be a better place because of the way the Lord has put his plan into place. When you come to More To Life Campground, I want you to experience every last detail the Lord gave me in my vision through seeing and feeling in your heart. One thing I have learned is that if you are willing to open your heart to the Lord, he will do something mighty with it. The Lord has used a 34 year old man who sat on his couch two and a half years ago with his wife sharing all of his sorrows and heartaches the world had to offer with a man he didn't even know. The Lord used this man to share the good news of Jesus Christ with us. With tears flowing down our faces, we asked the Lord to forgive us of our sins and to come into our hearts and save us.


Please pray for More To Life Campground, and we hope to see you soon. God Bless you.

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